Terms & Conditions

We know that these pages might be the boring ones, but please take a moment to read our full terms and conditions for services provided by eWebz. You're wishing we did an audio version...right.

Legal Stuff

Any company, organisation, group or individual undertaking any services from eWebz agrees to the details listed under this section.

Client or Buyer means the persons responsible for payment of services.

Services means the website or graphic design packages provided by eWebz to the client.

Work means the specific element of the service provided by eWebz, such as Logo Design.


Quotations provided by eWebz are valid for 14 days. Graphic Design quotations never include printing, printing is handled by another company and payments and quotations will be provided separately unless stated in the quotation. If the client is unsure of the all work required a flexible quotation can be provided. Flexible quotations must be agreed upon before work commences.


eWebz clients will not hold us responsible for any infringement of copyright relating to text used on the website. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that no copyright infringements are occurred in the use of their site and or company name. Refunds will not be made in any case of such copyright infringement. We always do our best to ensure that our work does not infringe upon any existing trademarked design. In the unlikely event that this does occur then the limit of our liability is the price of the project. This means the client will be offered a full refund. Until the full payment is made and the project is finished all work remains copyright of eWebz or appropriate party and may not be reproduced without permission. eWebz reserves the right to reproduce any of its work, including finished projects for promotional purposes. The client will retain ownership of copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in materials provided by the client for use in the project.


eWebz will not in any circumstances be liable to the client for any indirect or direct losses or loss of profit suffered by the client. eWebz will not be liable for any failure in the performance or delivery of any obligations under the client agreement caused by factors outside its control. This includes delayed payment, waiting on approval and providing further details required for the project from the client and printing services which are provided from another company. If the deadline outlined at the start of the project is changed by the client, eWebz is not responsible to adhere to the new deadline. The websites hosting uptime and performance is not the responsibility of eWebz. Web hosting services are provided by an external hosting provider and will be covered under their terms and conditions and SLAs. eWebz can’t be responsible for any price changes or renewal fees from any hosting provider, as these companies have no connection with eWebz. Hosting companies are in complete control of their pricing structure and eWebz has no influence over them. If graphic design work is to be delivered, eWebz does not take any responsibility for loss or damage in transit. Loss or damage in transit should be covered by the courier and is the responsibility of the client to seek appropriate compensation from the courier. eWebz cannot warrant that the software or server that the website is hosted on will be free of vulnerability to intrusion or attack. No liability will be accepted for the loss, corruption or theft of personal or financial information caused by deliberate and malicious attack or intrusion.


For all work carried out eWebz requires a payment of 30% upfront unless otherwise agreed. When working with flexible quotations the 30% deposit is taken from the upper limit of the flexible quotation. This 30% is non refundable and is required before work commences. The final payment, 70%, must be paid before the project ends. The project ends when the website goes live for website design projects, or when the final designs are handed over for graphic design projects. If completed website designs are to be hosted on servers not provided by us, the final invoice must be paid in full prior to the transfer to a client server. If there has been no progress or forthcoming information from the client for 30 days without notice, the client will be invoiced for the work. After 60 days of no contact without notice, the project will be abandoned, current work deleted and no refunds given.

eWebz reserves the right to withhold delivery and any transfer of ownership of work if any current or overdue invoices are not paid in full. Any travel costs or accommodation costs incurred by eWebz to travel to and from any meetings outside of North Warwickshire, England must be covered by the client.

Design Process.

Every eWebz client will be provided with regular email updates and telephone conversations to be kept up to speed with the complete process, from start to finish. eWebz clients may request any number of revisions to the initial designs providing they provide clear and concise feedback on alterations. When the graphic(s) or website(s) are approved changes to the design are classed as post approval alterations. If the client is indecisive on content such as images or text to be used on the project and it starts to delay the completion of the project the client will be charged for the additional time spent making these alterations. Costs for these content alterations will always be agreed by the client first, there will be no hidden added costs come the final invoice. The additional costs will be based on a standard hourly rate. The client has the right to reject these additional fees, however the content which hasn’t been decided upon by the client will be left in its current state. When website functionality is changed or added during the project the final cost of the project can change and the quotation will no longer be valid since the project goals have changed. Clients will be notified if modifications to the project will effect final costs before they are agreed. All liabilities for errors, changes or alterations become the responsibility of the client once the design has been approved. These post approval alterations will be charged. The client will be provided with a cost for this work before it is carried out. Once the project is finished and full payment is made the ownership of the final graphics and/or website is automatically transferred to the client. Whilst the client owns this, they do not have the right to sell copies for other projects, unless stated or permission is granted from eWebz.

SEO, Search Engine Optimisation

eWebz will always aim to improve your search engine results for your specified criteria, however we do not guarantee increase of position.


eWebz may at its discretion suspend or terminate any services or projects if the client fails to make payments when they are due or if the client fails to adhere to any obligations set out within this agreement.

eWebz also reserves the right to terminate its services or projects if the buyer becomes insolvent or has an administrative receiver appointed. If the client has not been in contact with eWebz by email, telephone or written letter within 60 days of the last contact without notice, the project will be terminated or abandoned. eWebz will not be held liable for compensation or damages except where mentioned in this agreement, if the clients project is terminated or abandoned.

Warranty and Support

From the agreed date of project completion eWebz provides a thirty (30) day warranty and support period unless otherwise agreed for and paid by the client. The warranty covers any errors or omissions on behalf of eWebz, based on the brief and will be rectified at no cost to the client. This initial warranty also offers basic support should the client need it. All warranty and support is immediately void if the website or designs have been tampered with outside of the instructions provided by eWebz, however additional support can still be provided but may be charged in some cases. eWebz makes no warranty that the website software is totally error free or that the client will be able to operate the website software without ant problems or interruptions caused by unforeseen circumstances or untested scenarios. Due to the continual development of new techniques in intruding and attacking internet based systems eWebz cannot warrant that the software or server that the website is hosted on will be free of vulnerability to intrusion or attack. No liability will be accepted for the loss, corruption or theft of personal or financial information caused by deliberate and malicious attach or intrusion.

eWebz can only provide guaranteed telephone support between normal office hours. Outside of these times support is only guaranteed through email, however telephone support may still be provided. Problems with the clients computer and/or internet connection are excluded from the warranty and support agreement. In the support packages eWebz offers both are subject to a fair use limit on time, this is two (2) hours per month. Any support which exceeds this limit will be agreed upon with the client and charged.