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Now and again we'll share some insight in to the workings of all things web design related, including tips and tricks for websites and seo here in our blog.

5 Web Design Trends For 2017

We've been in the web design market for long enough now to know what we can expect to see trending on fresh modern websites for the near future.

So we thought we'd share a few of our projections on what you can expect to see on new websites that are bang on trend.

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What Is Web Design?

The Web part is pretty obvious - its what you're using right now to read this blog post.

But what is design?

We think that if you asked 10 different people to define design, you'd get 10 very different answers.

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FREE Tips to improve your website rank on google

SEO Tips & Advice - Improve Your Rank

eWebz are always trying to assist individuals and companies to improve their websites ranking on popular search engines.

Therefore we have written this blog to give you some tips and advice on some simple techniques to improve your sites global ranking on the more popular search engines on the internet.

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Ecommerce Website Design Tamworth - Online Shop Web Design

Running Costs: eCommerce vs High Street

In recent years there has been a large decline in the number of actual high street shops that once upon a time dominated the UK's high streets. This has been due, in the most part, to the recent global economic recession which meant that people were simply spending a lot less money than ever before.

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Why You Need A Website?

Not sure whether your business needs a website? This blog post should give you an idea of all the potential benefits of having a website designed for your business!

In a survey according to the Office for National Statistics in 2012 80% of British households had access to the Internet in one form or another.

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Web Design Tips & Tricks

In this section you'll find several web design tips that will help you in creating an effective web site and providing a pleasant experience to visitors.

The display of a website depends on several factors such as browser type, the client’s platform, client’s screen resolution etc.

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eWebz featured in interview on BBC WM

During a recent phone in on the BBC WM radio station during the Danny Kelly show, I decided to send them a text as the subject of the show was all about starting up new businesses in the current financial climate here in the UK.

Soon after the call had ended, our telephone started ringing with new enquiries who were pleased to hear from us.

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Choosing A Web Designer

Choosing a web designer can prove to be a headache for any company, so here are a few tips that can help you make that decision.

Obviously pricing is very important to any company in the current financial climate, so make sure you do your research, decide what content will be implemented into your site and obtain a selection of quotes from relevant companies.

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Looking for someone to build a new website?

Need Someone To Build A Website?

Do you need someone to build you a website?

It amazes us here at eWebz how many people are still without a website. We see so many companies floating around on places like facebook, twitter or even on the yellow pages directory, who don't have a website listed.

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Website featured in national magazine

One of our recent web developments has been featured in this months Bridal Buyer magazine. Tamworth based Bridal Traders is a website portal for companies wishing to sell or advertise their stock to the public.

The website went live! at the end of August and has already had an impact on the bridal market, having new advertisers join on a daily basis.

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Planning a website

When planning any website development, it is vital to consider your website’s primary objectives. These objectives should reflect your overall business goals, so it is important to consider where and how your website can assist you to reach these overall objectives.

Your website should focus on the needs of your clients rather than emphasising the products and services you provide.

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4 Simple SEO Tips To Improve Search Engine Ranking

Many people believe that Search Engine Optimisation is hard but this is not true.

Basic SEO configurations are very simple to implement and often this is all you will need to do to improve your position on all major search engines.

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Comparing Your Competitors & Their Websites

Educating yourself and reviewing your competitors website in advance to planning your own is a key strategy to designing your website.

Many websites in your business sector may have a very standard look and feel to them.

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