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Looking for a web designer to build a new mobile friendly website for your business or after an existing website overhaul?

Need a new website?

For many years we have been delivering stylish, affordable and user friendly web sites. With a deep commitment to designing the best possible experience for the end user it comes as no surprise that our work has been featured and recommended in well known national press publications.

Our portfolio speaks for itself. From simple brochure sites through to highly complex database driven applications, eWebz can design and build web design solutions that will work for you and your clients.

If you’re after new website then look no further, eWebz can take care of everything for you and ensure that you end up with not only a great looking website, but one that is enjoyable to use for both yourself and your customers.

Our first step of building a new website is to come up with the design. The look and feel of any website is very important if you want your visitors to take note and pay any kind of attention to it.

Imagine a website as you would a shop on the high street, you’re more likely to go into a nice looking shop and buy something rather than a run-down ugly one aren’t you? Call us on 01827 370505 for more details.

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Need UK based web hosting to store your all of your valuable data with unlimited storage and bandwidth?

We have been providing reliable UK based Unlimited web hosting to all of our customers since we started and only use the best technology from the leading vendors. From securing domain names to hosting high traffic websites, we have the capabilities to handle it. Providing you with your own Control Panel with access to unlimited email accounts, unlimted sub domains, unlimited MySQL databases and more.

Payments will be taken before we register any new domain names or activate any new hosting accounts for your website, they are also renewed annually from the time of registration.

If you wish to register your own hosting account and domain name we can give you advice and guidance on reliable and cost effective companies to use. Once the website is completed and it is ready to go live, all we require are the FTP details of your hosting account. This will allow us to upload your new website so that it will be visible on your domain name.

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Looking to secure the perfect domain name for your new website?

We are now able to directly provide you with domain names, whether you want to search for a new domain name, or simply transfer your domain to your eWebz account to keep everything in one place.

Purchase your domain name through our hosting and security platform and receive access to DNS settings, nameservers and more. Simple domain registration for all.

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Want to scale the dizzy heights of Googles organic rankings?

An extremely important feature of successful web design is ensuring potential customers find you as easily as possible.  Having a superbly designed website that cannot be found is a complete waste of potential and your money.

Successful search engine optimisation (SEO) can be achieved in many ways, however vast quantities of web traffic can be achieved by making the most of clever online marketing techniques.

Knowledgeable work must be done to optimise your web site for your important chosen and targeted keywords. Otherwise, your placements on the various search engines may be so low that you are never seen by the millions of users who are searching each and every hour. All search engines have their own algorithms for ranking and placement, your website's search engine optimisation work must compliment them all, without forfeiting success on one for the benefit of improvement on another.

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Want to start your very own secure online ecommerce shopping website selling whatever you like?

Our ecommerce designs provide stable, secure, and easily updateable online shopping systems to sell your products and services to the whole world. Our main objective is to ensure you get a return on your initial investment, by making sure visitors who come to your site can find what they are after and purchase it without confusion.

Also including a simple content management system allowing you to control virtually every store attribute (prices, stock levels, product descriptions, etc.) in real time whether you are at the office, home or on the road.

eWebz believe it is vital that our customers have the best possible chance to capitalise on this amazing ever increasing online marketplace. We therefore offer our customers ecommerce solutions that are tailored and specifically designed for your needs. Products, product categories, delivery, payment options and even warehouse stock level control are just some of the features offered to you from the initial design of your site.

The hardest choice you have to make is which of the amazing features you want to use to build your online shopping experience.

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Would you like to be able to simply edit your new website as and when required?

If you are considering a new website that requires the ability to easily change the content of your website on a regular basis then you really need a database driven website.  These are usually referred to as 'Content Management Systems' (CMS).  

If, previously you have experienced difficulties in updating your website and have had to resort in paying someone to perform these updates on your behalf.  With an eWebz website, you are in control of all areas of your new website, allowing for you to make updates and changes whenever you like.

We are also specialists in utilising database driven websites to gain excellent positioning on the search engines and relish the challenge of achieving superb rankings while keeping you realistically informed at all stages.

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Fancy joining in on the worlds most popular social engine platforms and growing your audience?

Social media networks such as Facebook, Twiter and Linkedin can be used to promote your business and your website, stay up-to-date with the latest trends, and allow your customers to interact with you in an easy and more convenient way.

eWebz can assist you in how to use social media networks to your business’ advantage, ensuring that you are taking full control of your website’s potential. 

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Is your brand strong enough, do you want us to take a look at where it could improve?

Your sites presentation, professionalism and the overall perception the audience have of your company will be communicated through your site and brand design.

Having worked with some major brands in the UK and in Australia, eWebz knows how to create brands that sell and leave a lasting impression.

advantage, ensuring that you are taking full control of your website’s potential. 

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Are you on the lookout for some eye-catching graphics for a website or promotional materials?

We provide a creative, fresh approach to graphic design aiming to produce stylish, appropriate solutions to your communication challenges - what ever the media.

Our approach is to develop an on-going relationship with our client, which in turn, enables us to respond quickly to any of your marketing requirements as we get to know your business more thoroughly.

advantage, ensuring that you are taking full control of your website’s potential. 

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Need some advice on which way to turn with all the various possible options available?

Planning your success online can be a daunting task - you may have a winning idea for a website or e-business but aren't sure what the next step is to take.

If you're about to spend many thousands of pounds on getting a website designed, why not spend a small initial sum speaking to our expert before making that big commitment. We'll make sure you'll be spending your money wisely and offer clear, simple advice that will give your project the start it needs and you the knowledge you will always refer to.

advantage, ensuring that you are taking full control of your website’s potential. 

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We have clients all over the United Kingdom, including in Tamworth, Atherstone, Nuneaton, Hinckley, Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield, Burton-upon-Trent, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Brownhills, Leicester, Cannock and we even have clients throughout London, in Bexley, Kent, Charlton and many more...