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Where do your target audience hang out and how do they use social media?

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram are great for raising the profile of your company and also allow your customers to interact with you in a simple and more convenient way.

Looking to increase your social media presence?

Having a strong presence on social networks is becoming a popular choice for businesses of all sizes.

It's also a constantly evolving marketing channel, with regular platform updates and additional features being released by the main social network players like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram... Keeping up with your own personal profile can be a challenge, and that's before you've even considered your business profiles.

With our social marketing team, you won't have to worry because we have all the experience needed to make the most of your profiles - regardless of the nature of your business.

Get to know your social media platform

Each social media platform has its own uses, motivation, audience and user types. This is often overlooked. For example, LinkedIn's personal profiles is an example of an extremely powerful networking platform where, decision makers and influencers can be connected with directly. Slideshare is another example of an interesting platform, which can provide b2b value and exposure. Google+ is great for SEO value and similarly, "Digg" is useful for article sharing and topical research too; where as Twitter, Facebook and Pintrest are more suitable for b2c communication, in my opinion. No two platforms are identical.

We see a lot of b2b organisations using Twitter to gain customers, yet it is often one "profiles" marketing department connecting with another's - this can be said for a number of social platforms! Ever wondered how many senior decision makers are expected to be devoting their work time to reading tweets and shares addressed to their company? Using a personal account to follow competitors is a better use for it.

What do we suggest for you?

Midlands Social Media Advertising & Marketing Services

Our recommendation is to use social media for prospecting, nurturing potential customers and to help better understand and manage existing ones. If you do not want to use the platforms for lead generation directly, do not disregard the potential analytical data they can provide.

Taking some time to research potential and existing customers’ social activity can reveal a plethora of knowledge, we can help you in this department.

It's time to define your social media marketing goals

In the advent of Social Media, most platforms are supported by their own and/or 3rd party tools, which can provide a wealth of trend, analytical, research and topical data - another advantage, which is often overlooked. Whether you decide to delve into Social Media or not, be sure to check them out - they can provide valuable insights.

The trick is to learn about each platform and to select the one (or ones), which have the potential to serve your interests. Social Media and SEO require a mid-term investment of time, at least; alongside creativity, innovation and patience - no different to any other sales and marketing channels. Spreading yourself thinly over multiple platforms is a bad idea; to begin with, we recommend to just focus on one.

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